What Are The New TLDs

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With only about 22 generic top-level domains, the domain space was beginning to feel a bit crowded.

As the internet has matured, the sheer number of relevant domains has started to dwindle. If you’ve registered a .com web address, chances are you’ve felt the pain of trying to find an applicable one-word or two-word domain that’s still available. With only about 22 generic top-level domains, the domain space was beginning to feel a bit crowded. Enter, new TLDs:

  • .tech
  • .space
  • .actor
  • .yoga

New TLDs provide novel territory for individuals and businesses who want to distinguish themselves among other websites. Some of these domain extensions have incredible utility by offering companies a more niche website or a creative take on their original TLDs.

What Are the Original TLDs

The old TLDs are the original domain extensions that are still commonly in use today. Each has a specific purpose and a certain domain space to which it is connected. A few of the most well-known examples are:

  • .com – Often used for commercial businesses and individuals who are marketing themselves.
  • .net – Short for “Network,” these are commonly associated with internet providers, emails, and umbrella sites that are connected to various smaller sites.
  • .org – Nonprofits and charities will often use the .org domain extension. Other organizations like sports teams, community groups, and religions will often use .org.
  • .edu – “Education.” Most schools, universities, and other learning centers will use this TLD.
  • .gov – This is a restricted TLD used by the U.S. government. Any government site must have a .gov domain extension.

For a long time, these sorts of top-level domains were considered sufficient for covering all the subsections of the internet. But, of course, as the internet expanded, so increased the necessity for new TLDs.

Source: https://www.domain.com/blog/2019/05/21/what-are-the-new-tlds/

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